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Phil Knight (Nike Founder) “Shoe Dog” Book, Part II (Awesome Book)

On Monday, I highlighted interesting takeaways from Phil Knight’s excellent book about Nike (Shoe Dog). https://www.jvmlending.com/shoe-dog-must-read-book-by-founder-of-nike-phil-knight-lessons Here are some additional takeaways from Shoe Dog: 1. Work Was Play. Knight repeatedly pointed out how important it is to turn work into play. 2. Product/Service Must Speak for Itself. Nike is famous for its ads now. But […]Read More

“Shoe Dog;” Must Read Book by Founder of Nike, Phil Knight; Lessons

I just finished Phil Knight’s (founder of Nike) excellent memoir called “Shoe Dog” and I highly recommend it as it is fun, interesting, and educational. Knight started in 1963, selling shoes from his car-trunk. He ended up revolutionizing the shoe industry by turning running shoes into a fashion statement and taking athlete endorsements to an […]Read More