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Mortgage Reminders: My Inconsistent Fed Comments; Rent Backs; Owner Occ Ratios; Attached PUDs/Townhomes; 12 Condo Considerations

Here are a few random reminders. Powerless Fed Vs. Inflation-Causing Fed. In response to my recent blog about the Fed being “Powerless,” I got this comical point from an agent I […]Read More

Owner Occupancy Ratios; Appraisal Management Companies – Problems & Solution

Reminder: Owner-occupancy ratios for condos are irrelevant if a buyer plans to occupy the unit; owner-occupancy ratios can be well under 50%. One of the primary reasons we left the […]Read More

Reminders: 60 Day Rent Back OK; Owner Occupancy Ratio For Condos

A couple quick reminders: 60 Day Rent-Backs are almost always allowed. Owner-occupant buyers must take possession of a property within 60 days, or they will not be allowed to garner […]Read More

Owner Occupancy Ratios for Condo Complexes

We are still getting questions about required Owner Occupancy ratios in Condo Complexes. At many of our lenders, if the financing is “Owner Occupied”, the owner-occupancy ratio is irrelevant. Again, […]Read More

Question HOA Owner Occ %’s; HOA Not Always Right

We have an investor buying a condo. Condo complexes need to be over 50% owner occupied for “investor” financing. Owner occupancy ratios are irrelevant for owner-occupied financing. The HOA initially […]Read More

Condo Owner Occupancy Ratios Re-Visited; 2 to 4 Units – All But One

We had many questions on Monday about Owner Occupancy Ratios and condos, so we want to reiterate this: If a buyer intends to occupy a condo, his financing will not […]Read More