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NAR Lawsuit via Jason Hartman

Jason Hartman is an extremely successful real estate investor and YouTube commentator, and he weighed in on the NAR collusion/cartel lawsuit last week with some very interesting comments. Here is his entire 42-minute video Devastating NAR Real Estate Class Action Lawsuit! and I recommend it in full (at 2x speed of course). But, here are a few takeaways.Read More

CalHFA Dream For ALL Or A Select Few? (Probably a Good Thing); NAR Lawsuit Again

When CalHFA rolled out their newest (and probably most popular) down payment assistance program, the Dream For All Program, its entire $300 million allotment was gone in just 11 days. Many of us hoped that the program would return this fall, but CalHFA saw what happened during round one, and they are well aware of the potential feeding frenzy that would likely take place if the rules were not changed – so they are very astutely changing the rules. These rules are not finalized and are subject to change, but it does appear that CalHFA is trying to make sure the program is only used to benefit people who truly need assistance.Read More

NAR and KW Get Crushed In Lawsuit; Who Are the Real Winners and Losers

Prior to 2008, obtaining a mortgage was far cheaper and far easier – and it was NOT just because everyone could get so-called “liar” loans. It was because regulators stepped in after 2008 with far too little understanding and far too heavy of a hand – with the ostensible mission of helping consumers. But – who they really helped was big banks and Fannie and Freddie – and consumers got crushed.Read More

Why Mortgage Lenders Are Terrified of Class Action Lawsuits Going After Agent Commissions (Interesting Observations)

Most lenders get the majority of their qualified buyer leads from buyers' agents. Losing them will upend the lending industry as well as the real estate industry.Read More

2 Reasons the Current Realtor/Agent Model Is Here to Stay (And Won’t Be Replaced by Tech)

BOUGHT CAR ON INTERNET IN MINUTES – IN 1999 (BUT NOT NOW) In 1999, I needed a new car and a friend of mine (a “car guy”) suggested I buy […]Read More

WSJ: Real Estate Agents Fight Gov’t to Save Commissions; Why Now? Welcome to Our World

THE FED CAPPED MORTGAGE COMMISSIONS IN 2010 In 2010, the Fed was desperately trying to blame the entire 2008 mortgage meltdown on mortgage brokers and loan officers – as opposed […]Read More

Real Estate Commissions; Antitrust; Follow The Money; OPEC; Why It’s A Moot Point

OPEC BRINGS AMERICA TO ITS KNEES! OPEC is probably the most famous “cartel” of all time b/c it effectively brought America to its knees in the 1970s with its oil […]Read More