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Why Would a Mortgage Bank BROKER Loans?

There Are Three Primary Channels In Which Consumers Can Garner Mortgage Loans Commercials banks and credit unions (they do commercial loans, offer checking & savings accounts, and do mortgage loans) […]Read More

Chaos In The Mortgage Broker Channel (UWM Sues Its Customers); Fascinating Observations

I have blogged about the three channels for mortgage banking several times. The channels include (1) banks and credit unions that offer mortgages along with checking, savings and commercial lending; (2) mortgage banks that only underwrite and fund mortgages (JVM’s channel); and (3) mortgage brokers who only originate loans but package and submit them to other “wholesale lenders” that underwrite and fund them.Read More

Why We Don’t Align With UWM/Broker Channel

MOST INNOVATIVE COMPANY IN MORTGAGE One of the most innovative companies in the mortgage space is also the largest wholesale lender. As a reminder, there are Three Primary Channels For […]Read More

Appraisal Horror Story; Appraisal Success Story! “Appraisal Manager”

APPRAISAL HORROR STORY Back when we were in the Broker Channel (when we sent loans to outside lenders for underwriting), we ordered a purchase appraisal in a high-end Bay Area […]Read More