How Long Does It Take To Get Pre-Approved And Apply For A Mortgage?

Agents frequently ask us how long it takes to apply for a loan, and how long it takes to get pre-approved (so they can share the info with their clients). Our answer is always that “it depends” b/c there are so many variables, but that it takes much less time than it did in the […]Read More

New “URLA” (Loan Application) & Why It Matters; Compliance, Salability & Delays

Agents and brokers alike have been asking me about the new Uniform Residential Loan Application or “URLA” and how it might affect them and their clients. This surprised me b/c I didn’t think agents paid that much attention to the mortgage side of the equation, but they should b/c these things definitely affect everyone. In […]Read More

Is The Mortgage Application Challenging For California And Texas Homebuyers?

The mortgage application has been rumored to be extremely challenging for California and Texas homebuyers to navigate and get pre-approved. The app is very straightforward for homebuyers with a sensible credit score (620 or higher for conventional loans) and evidence of their income and assets.  The mortgage application is more demanding today than it once […]Read More

Is It Easy To Get A Mortgage In California Or Texas?

Many homebuyers are surprised by how easy it is to get a mortgage. Most people worry that the mortgage process will be too difficult or that their credit scores will be too low to qualify for competitive financing. The mortgage process is often easier for homebuyers in California and Texas than they expect. HOW DOES […]Read More

What Is in A Mortgage Application

Mortgage applications are designed to be borrower-friendly and standardized across the mortgage industry. The mortgage application used in all U.S. states and territories for the past 20 years is the Uniform Residential Loan Application (URLA). Here is a breakdown of everything borrowers need to know about URLA and filling it out. URLA: The Standardized Mortgage […]Read More