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Credit Info to Know; Mortgage 101 Seminar on Tues, Oct 25th

Here is some credit information everyone in real estate should know. Mortgage companies pull credit from three bureaus and correlate to the middle of the three scores. For multiple borrowers, lenders always correlate to the borrower with the lowest middle score. Mortgage credit scores are usually lower than consumer credit scores (found online) b/c mortgage […]Read More

FHA Mortgage Insurance LOWER Than PMI In Many Cases; FHA = Good

FHA = Good. That is one of the primary points we make during our “Mortgage 101” Seminars. This is b/c too many Realtors labor under the myth that FHA financing is inferior to conventional financing. The myth stems from the days when FHA financing took longer to close and required clear Section I termite reports […]Read More

11 Million More Steps…

We recently had a Realtor tell Heejin that we needed to get loan documents to title 7 days after we got into contract, before she told Heejin how to run our company in general; the conversation didn’t go well :). In any case, this was interesting b/c the Realtor had been in the business for […]Read More

JVM Offers “Mortgage 101” Training for Assistants and New Agents

JVM Lending offers an excellent “Mortgage 101” Training for both new assistants and agents in the real estate industry. We have a refined presentation that covers all essentials, including Credit, Income, Employment, and Down Payment Requirements. We also explain the difference between Conventional, Jumbo and Gov’t (FHA, VA) financing. And most importantly, we go over […]Read More