WSJ: “Low Appraisals Upend Home Sales”

The WSJ had this front page headline recently: Low Appraisals Upend Home Sales. And, I thought – where have you been, WSJ? Then, I thought… I should blog about this because it is a great way to warn homebuyers about potential appraisal issues. “IT’S ALL SO SUBJECTIVE” So said a seller whose house appraised for […]Read More

Rate Buydowns Instead of Price Reductions; BETTER for Everyone!

We are starting to see a lot of stale listings at the higher end of the market. This is b/c “slow season” is starting and b/c the high-end market seems to be slowing in general due to affordability issues and anxieties about the market overall. As a result, we are seeing frequent price reductions that […]Read More

Market Is Market Is Market; Sellers Will Not Leave Money on Table

We have had many borrowers recently tell us that they refuse to pay a certain amount for a property b/c “the house is not worth it” despite that fact that there are five other offers on the house at the same or higher price. In a similar vein, one of our favorite Realtors told us […]Read More