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Why I Was So WRONG About Rates; Why It Matters So Much

If you google “wrongness,” you’ll see a picture of me screaming “Rates will fall by March of ’23!” I am wrong a lot actually and am not afraid to admit it because it makes for great learning and blog fodder. For example, I was wrong about when rates will fall, and I was wrong when I said that the Fed would not raise rates again after its June pause.Read More

First-Time Homebuyers = Expansive Term; Maximum Age For Mortgage; Competitors Come to Us

Competitors Come To Us For A Mortgage We frequently have individuals from competing mortgage lenders come to us for mortgage financing because (1) we have more loan programs than they […]Read More

Rates Have Not Been This High Since… 2021

RATES HAVE NOT BEEN THIS HIGH SINCE 2021! I thought I would put interest rates in perspective again, given that they have risen so much (1/4% to 3/8%) since last […]Read More

Beware of VACATIONS :) Rates Way Down Again; Why? Stimulus Will End

HOLY LOW RATES, BATMAN! (Wallowing in Wrongness) For months now, I have been repeating the warnings of various pundits about runaway inflation and rising rates. But rates seem to continually […]Read More

Low Rates Make Real Estate Investing And Airbnb More Viable

My wife Heejin is looking at an investment property in Plano, Texas that will sell for about $510,000. It also has a tenant in it who is paying $3,700 per […]Read More

JVM’s Relationship With Its Mortgage Bank

We were getting recruited last fall by America’s third-largest mortgage bank. B/c of our size and unique model, the CEO showed up to review our entire tech stack, our Salesforce […]Read More

When 1.99% Is A Bad Deal; Why Rates May Not Fall Further

1.99% – YAY!!!! OR NOT…. (LOOK AT THE FEES) Several lenders were touting their 1.99% interest rates recently, and we were getting emails from agents and borrowers alike asking about […]Read More

Why Low Rates Are BAD For Homebuyers

Rates are about 1% lower than where they were last year at this time, as most people know. This enormous rate-reduction appears to be a huge boon for homebuyers, as […]Read More

Quicken’s IPO – So Much To Learn; Reason To Be Leery

Rates edged lower again, so now instead of being really, really, really low, they’re really, really, really, really (4 really’s) low. It remains to be seen if we’ll hit “5 […]Read More

Purchase Applications Hit 11 Year High; Refis = 63% of Volume

The Mortgage Bankers Association surveys multiple mortgage banks every week and then releases all of the data. The most recent survey, discussed in this National Mortgage News article, is particularly […]Read More

“Fed Plans to Keep Rates at Low Levels for Years” What Are “Rates?”

This blog’s subject line is borrowed directly from this WSJ article. Fed Chairman Powell stated in early June that there are no rate increases in sight and that the Fed […]Read More

10 Cent Beer Night in Cleveland in 1974; How It Relates to Our Economy Now – More Black Swans

In 1974, the Cleveland Indians baseball team promoted Ten Cent Beer Night for a game against the Texas Rangers. Fans showed up in droves for the cheap beer and drank […]Read More

Rates Keep Falling; Rates Keep Falling, Down, Down; What’s Going On?

I stole my subject line from the 1985 Simple Minds song – Don’t You Forget About Me… OK – they might have actually sung “‘Rain’ keeps falling…” but I was […]Read More

Why Now Is The Best Time to Buy – Again; Home Prices 8.45% LOWER In January

We beat this dead horse all too often but am beating it again because it is excellent information to share with potential buyers who may be on the homebuying sidelines […]Read More