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5 Reasons To Use A Local Bay Area Mortgage Company

Are you interested in applying for a mortgage in the Bay Area? If so, where are you planning on getting the loan you need? Nowadays, homebuyers have lots of available options for home loans. There are many advantages to using a local mortgage company instead of a national lender.Read More

Local Texas Mortgage Lenders Are Better!

The Wall Street Journal has previously featured an article stressing that buyers in a competitive market, like those in Texas, need a local mortgage lender with a stellar reputation, the ability to close quickly, great communication skills, and local appraisers.Read More

Four Steps to Prepare for Closing Day in California

Closing day is the last step for homebuyers in their loan process. All their paperwork gets finalized and the deed of the property is officially transferred to the new owner. Here are four steps to help California homebuyers have an easy closing day!Read More

Importance of Local Lender In Hot/Unique Markets; Quotes Of The Day

Employing a local lender is now more important than ever in the Bay Area’s super hot markets. Listing agents simply do not want to risk a transaction on untested lenders […]Read More

3 of 20 Offers in Oakland were JVM Financed; Why It Matters?

Last week, there were twenty offers on a high-end Oakland listing, and three of the twenty offers were accompanied by JVM pre-approval letters. No other lender was represented twice, let […]Read More

On-Line Lender Horror Story – Great Quote From Realtor

The below is a quote from a top Realtor whose borrower did NOT use JVM (b/c we told him the truth and not what he wanted to hear). “What a […]Read More