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Why Lenders Have to “Beat Up” Borrowers

Our well-heeled borrowers often get extremely frustrated when we ask them to chase down seemingly inane conditions. They will say: “I can just pay cash for the entire house… WHY […]Read More

Mortgage Banks vs. Commercial Banks; What’s the Difference? What’s Better?

The Wall Street Journal featured an article recently that stressed that buyers in a competitive market need a lender with a stellar reputation, an ability to close quickly, great communication […]Read More

Mortgage Bank vs. Commercial Bank; What’s the Difference?

Mortgage Banks Mortgage banks only underwrite, fund, and sometimes service loans. They do nothing else. They hold no deposits, and they fund all of their loans with large warehouse lines […]Read More

Beating Up Borrowers (Even Pro Ball Players) For Inane Conditions; Why?

We financed a purchase for a professional baseball player last year, and it was a mortifying experience for one of our Processors. This is why… The borrower made close to […]Read More