Housing Inventory Shortages – Is Help On The Way?

INVENTORY SHORTAGE – WILL THERE BE RELIEF? Homebuyers nationwide are facing severe housing inventory shortages while median home prices continue to rise. Pundits are weighing in on whether relief is on the way or not. Ken McElroy says relief is on the way. In this four-minute video, real estate guru, Ken McElroy points out why […]Read More

Inflation Makes Mortgages An Asset; DON’T Prepay Your Mortgage

Dave Ramsey is a financial guru who encourages paying off all debts, including our mortgages. Here are Ramsey’s 7 Steps for taking control of our finances. A lot of other finance “gurus” of sorts take serious issue with Ramsey though b/c his advice only works in a world with minimal or falling inflation – a […]Read More