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Interest Rates Up Again; Trends Vs. Blips; How Worried Should We Be?

The “average interest rate” peaked at just over 8% in October. Interest rates then slid downward 1.5% over the next few months before heading back north over the last few weeks. While they remain 1% lower than where they were in October, the slide upward over the last few weeks has left many people in the real estate and mortgage world all too worried. Read More

Why Massive Government Borrowing Is Not Pushing Rates Higher Like EVERYONE Predicted

The more the government borrows, the more it slows down economic growth. And the more it slows down economic growth, the more investors demand the “safety and liquidity” of Treasury Bonds. So, there will always be sufficient demand for our debt, without having to push yields higher.Read More

The Death of Inflation; Some Fascinating & Necessary Perspective

Today’s inflation report came in surprisingly tame, despite rising energy prices. It is another indication that inflation is clearly waning, as both Jeff Snider and Barry Habib have been predicting for some time.Read More

Goldman Sachs: “Only 15% Chance of Recession in 2024” WHY???

Gammon shreds all of Goldman’s assertions in his video, reminding us that Goldman completely missed the 2008 financial crisis with its previous predictions, as well as the inflation runup we just went through and much of the fallout from the COVID crisis.Read More

Rates Hit New Record Highs; China’s Demise Part II – What To Do?

The Ten Year Treasury Yield hit its highest level since 2007! Here are some of the reasons: Waiting On The Fed. Bond prices fell and yields/rates rose, as investors are anxiously waiting […]Read More

Big Short Guys Not Shorting! Excess Bond Supply NOT Pushing Up Yields; Fed Does Not Control Interest Rates

Here are a few random but very important points. BIG SHORT GUYS ARE NOT SHORTING HOUSING! In this recent Milkshakes Markets Madness podcast, famed macro analyst and fund manager Brent Johnson mentions that […]Read More

There Is Not Going To Be A Soft Landing – Most Important Blog This Year!

This may be the most important blog I write all year because it will impact how readers invest and plan for the future – and it openly refutes the mainstream […]Read More

More Great Inflation News; Rates FALL 1/2% This Week; Fed Victory Dance?

Another inflation indicator came into today below expectations – and rates fell even further. They have now fallen almost 1/2% this week!  In contrast last, I just blogged last week […]Read More

Inflation and Interest Rates Plummet! It Won’t Last; Takeaways

Consumer Price Index (CPI) numbers were released today, and interest rates plummeted in response. “Headline CPI” fell to only 0.18% month-over-month (comparing June to May), and to only 3.0% year-over-year […]Read More

Inflation Down & Rates UP? Uh Oh… What Now??

Yesterday’s Consumer Price Index (CPI) Report showed “the most intense decline in inflation in 70 years.” And rates increased at the end of the day – SHOCKING THE FINANCIAL WORLD! […]Read More

Dude, Where’s The Recession You Keep Harping About? Employment Report B.S.

Because rates have been climbing all week, I got an email that asked me where the recession is that I have been “harping about” for the last year… Why Rates […]Read More

7 Reasons Why Analysts Are FURIOUS With The Fed!

I have never seen so much frustration and anger expressed over policy errors as I have over the last week – and it is all because the Fed is poised to raise the Fed Funds Rate 0.25% today. This will bring us to a 16-year high in what has been the fastest rate hiking cycle in history, and it will likely bring our economy to its knees.Read More

Is China’s Collapse Imminent?

A lot of smart people say, yes – China’s financial collapse is very likely.  I have addressed China’s woes several times over the last few years, including  (1) China's Banking System Collapse Is Terrifying; (2) China's Massive Housing Bubble; and (3) Are China's Woes Good For Mortgage and Real Estate? I am bringing China up again though because a financial collapse really does seem imminent (likely to take place this year), and the repercussions will be felt everywhere – given the enormous size of the Chinese economy.Read More

Fed Raises Rates; Mortgage Rates PLUMMET; Why? JVM’s Here to Stay!

JVM was officially founded in 2006, and effectively founded in 1999 under another name by my wife, Heejin – with much of her operation carrying over to JVM in 2006. All this is to say that we are definitely here to stay, as we have ridden through several very serious downturns with nary a scratch, and we are now stronger than ever.Read More