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Massive Housing Shortage = Opportunity of a Lifetime; Every Agent Needs to Share These Numbers!

There is a massive housing shortage in America right now – and every agent and lender should be sharing this data with every nervous homebuyer. In a recent blog, I mentioned that over 80% of consumers think now is NOT a good time to buy. This is both because of today’s higher rates AND because many consumers fear that we will see a repeat of the 2008 housing crisis. But, according to real estate experts like Ken McElroy and Jason Hartman, we are facing the exact opposite problem that we faced in 2008 – because new housing units coming online have not come close to keeping up with household formations and/or population increases. Ken McElroy is a very reliable source, as he is a true real estate expert who focuses primarily on commercial and multifamily projects. He’s exceptionally successful already, and he has no reason or incentive to mislead residential buyers.Read More

3 Events That Will Crash Home Prices! 1 Factor Keeping Home Prices High

This is what has shocked housing market analysts worldwide: Despite the fastest rise in interest rates in history, home prices in the U.S. have remained amazingly resilient. And the one factor that is keeping home prices high is of course: TIGHT INVENTORY! The housing doomsayers don’t seem to understand what is keeping inventory so tight and why it matters so much.Read More

Putting the Airbnb “CRASH” Into Perspective; Rates Hit New Record High & Will Go Higher!

Mortgage rates hit a new 23-year-high today in response to more inflation fears and nervousness about this week’s economic releases. I listened to several analysts over the weekend say that they think rates could climb another 0.25% or more before settling down, or before investors remember that the Fed is wrong.Read More

Reddit Bubble Boys Wrong; Dollar Not Going Anywhere; Bedrooms Need Windows

Here are a few unrelated updates and observations for a Monday. Bedrooms Need Windows I blogged recently about “What Is A Bedroom” (for appraisal purposes) and several readers responded to […]Read More

12 Housing Crashes In 11 Years! How Much More Can We Take? Why Higher Rates Did NOT Crash the Market

Shadow Inventory Will Kill Us All! In 2012, housing analysts were terrified of the dreaded shadow inventory! Estimated to be as high as 10 million homes, it was all of […]Read More

Fear & Uncertainty Keeping Buyers & Sellers On Sidelines

Agents continue to tell me that they have numerous buyers and sellers sitting on the sidelines because there is just too much uncertainty; in other words, FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and […]Read More

Housing Data Remains Strong – Despite “Imminent Crash”

Steven Van Metre is a macro analyst and financial planner who has been predicting an “imminent housing crash” for over a year, including here, here, here, here, and… here. Despite […]Read More

Household Formations EXCEED Home Completions (GREAT NEWS FOR NERVOUS HOMEBUYERS)

The media loves to beat the “Housing Crash Coming Soon” drums! And that, unfortunately, is keeping all too many homebuyers on the sidelines – for no reason! As a result, […]Read More

Inflation Cools & Rates Plummet; More Inventory ≠ A Housing CRASH

CPI Inflation numbers came out surprisingly cool this morning – indicating it was flat month-over-month and down year-over-year (it was 9.1% in June but 8.5% in July). 8.5% inflation is […]Read More