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More HOA Dues = Less House; Personal Litigation

HOA DUES = LESS HOUSE This is another reminder that HOA dues can significantly offset purchasing power, as HOA dues are a payment that affects debt ratios like every other […]Read More

How Much Do HOA Dues Zap Purchasing Power?

We recently had a buyer who desperately wanted to qualify for a condo purchase but could not because the HOA dues were $800 per month! This prompted me to remind […]Read More

$100 of HOA Dues = $20,000 Smaller Loan; Delayed Financing

A couple of quick reminders: “Delayed Financing:” Buyers paying cash for properties can recoup that cash with a “cash out” refinancing immediately after they buy. The new loan will be […]Read More

Rookies & No Short Sale Seasoning & 2nd Job Seasoning

We met First Time Home Buyers over the weekend who had been woefully misinformed by other lenders, driving home our point about the need for proper training and education in […]Read More