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The Extreme Need for Nice – Part II

My wife Heejin recently received the below text from an agent: “I just LOVE your team. You and Jay did good. These people are such beautiful souls. Jenna really helped me yesterday with some issues that were encumbering being able to sign some disclosures and she was so kind, upbeat, and loving. Makes such a […]Read More

Fast, Clear Responses; No Task Missed; Academic Skill

We received the following comment today from a Keller Williams Realtor in SoCal who has not yet worked with JVM: Thanks a lot Heidi. Wow! I’m impressed by how quickly you have responded and provided clear, complete information. We receive similar comments often. This is no accident of course, as it is a major service […]Read More

Apple Employees Aren’t JVM Employees; One Size Doesn’t Fit All

When we first started to grow our business, we’d take in enormous amounts of outside business advice from every source and try to apply it to JVM. It was only after much trial and error that we figured out that “one size does not fit all.” Much business advice simply does not work for JVM. […]Read More