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2 Reasons Why Agents Should Alert Lenders Every Time They Make Offers

There are two huge reasons why agents should alert their lenders every time they make offers. Reason #1: Insurance Costs! Hazard insurance costs have gone exponentially higher in some areas, […]Read More

Understanding Hazard Insurance: Your Guide to Protecting Your Home

Hazard insurance, also known as fire insurance, is a specific part of a homeowners insurance policy that provides coverage for the physical structure of your home against certain risks, such as fire, windstorms, or vandalism. This type of insurance is commonly referred to as part of homeowners insurance; however, it's important to understand that hazard insurance strictly pertains to the protection of the physical structure of your home, not including the personal contents inside or any liability coverage.Read More

What Every Homebuyer Must Know About Hazard Insurance

Here are a few tidbits about Hazard Insurance, something that is required with every mortgage. Hazard insurance is also known as fire insurance and homeowners insurance, and it should not be confused with mortgage insurance, which only covers the mortgage and not the dwelling. Lenders require the “Dwelling Coverage” to match or exceed the lower of the loan amount, or the replacement cost estimate.Read More