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5 Reasons to Keep a Gratitude Journal; Happy Thanksgiving Too!

JVM will be closing at 1 PM today for the holiday. We will, however, have Mortgage Analysts “on-call” all day today as well as on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, as always. We will not have anyone on-call tomorrow, Thanksgiving Day. THE GRATITUDE “FAD” 😊 Every Thanksgiving we all get endless reminders to be grateful for […]Read More

Why I’m the Least Attractive Person at JVM; Key to Happiness: Other People

GREAT COLUMN ABOUT HAPPINESS Scott Galloway (CEO of L2 Inc) recently tweeted this excellent column from the NY Times about the key to happiness, and I thought it was well worth sharing. The column is titled “Happiness Is Other People” and can be found here. ONE HOUR FOR GROOMING? The first interesting thing that really […]Read More

Thanksgiving and the “Gratitude Fad” – More Than Meets the Eye

Every Thanksgiving we are reminded ad infinitum to give thanks, to be grateful, to show gratitude…until it gets annoying. Equally annoying is the entire “gratitude fad” – the constant reminders all year long to show, think and express gratitude. But, here’s the thing. It works. It not only makes the recipients of your gratitude feel […]Read More