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Picking Up Free Money – & Why I Am Amazed So Many Agents Still Step Over It!

WHY COMMERCIAL BANKS BUILT ORNATE PALACES FOR BRANCHES For almost two centuries, American commercial banks built grandiose branches with marble columns, soaring ceilings, and ridiculously ornate décor. They did this for a few reasons: (1) to show the world that they were a solid and well-established business, as depositors would lose their money back in […]Read More

In Defense Of Chaos (Why We Need It)

A GIANT VAT OF HONEY I came home last night to a giant vat full of honey – not just a lifetime’s supply, but several lifetimes. It turns out my wife Heejin ordered it when online shopping at Target and she was way too busy to vet honey sizes – so she just bought the […]Read More

Getting Good Reviews; Avoiding Bad Reviews; Best Platforms for Reviews

I love it when clients flame me or JVM about pretty much anything for two reasons: If they are flaming me directly, they are not doing so publicly on social media; and We use every morsel of feedback we get to constantly improve everything we do. We frequently discuss the importance of garnering authentic, five-star […]Read More

Your Clients Will Google You, And You’re Losing Them

We work with an agent who closes 150 transactions per year, and her “Google presence” is practically perfect. While her Google presence is not the only reason she does so much business, it is a major contributor. When people Google just her name (and nothing else), the search results literally dominate page 1 of Google. […]Read More

Kudos Contest; Easiest, Most Fun Morale Builder For Any Team

We stole the idea of the Kudos Contest from Google, and it has turned out to be one of the best morale builders ever. Each team member gets “three Kudos” per quarter. The Kudos are sent to the entire office and they name an individual and something outstanding they did. The person with the most Kudos at the end […]Read More