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Are FHA Loan Appraisals Public?

If you are one of the many homebuyers looking to qualify for an FHA loan to purchase a primary residence, you will need to get an appraisal. An FHA appraisal establishes the value of the property you are purchasing and makes sure that it is safe for its new occupants.Read More

What do FHA appraisers do during property appraisals?

FHA loans are currently one of the most common mortgage financing choices among homebuyers in California and Texas. FHA loans are supervised by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Because of this, HUD defines all of the regulations for FHA loans in California, including home inspections and appraisals.Read More

What’s The Difference Between an FHA and VA Appraisal?

Agents and borrowers alike often find the appraisal process confusing and opaque – it’s why we consistently field questions on what appraisers look for when inspecting a property and how […]Read More