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Earnest Money Deposit Explained: What You Must Know

As you embark on the journey of home buying, you may encounter the term "earnest money deposit" or EMD. What is its significance? In real estate transactions, an earnest money deposit is a specific amount of money you pay to demonstrate your serious intent to buy a particular property. Consider it a monetary gesture that solidifies the mutual intent between you and the seller to proceed with the transaction.Read More

The Earnest Money Deposit Process

Earnest Money Deposits are a portion of the purchase price that the homebuyer pays upfront to show the seller that the buyer’s offer is serious, in good faith, and “valid.” This deposit can be applied to the purchase price if the transaction proceeds forward. If the buyer ends up backing out of the deal without justifiable cause, it can be transferred to the seller.Read More

Private Money In Lieu of Non-QM/Bridge Loans; JVM/Mortgage Bank – Here to Stay; Eating EMDs

PRIVATE MONEY = TEMPORARY SOLUTION Both agents and buyers are reaching out to us to save transactions that have blown up elsewhere b/c both bridge loan and non-QM financing has […]Read More

How Do Earnest Money Deposits Work?

First-time homebuyers often have questions about earnest money deposits. Here’s a breakdown of everything buyers and sellers should know about earnest money deposits and how they are used in a mortgage transaction.Read More