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Most Powerful Inspiration In All of Business: In-N-Out Burger!

Some people watch movies for inspiration, some read biographies, and some watch TED Talks and videos. Heejin and I go to In-N-Out Burger. Really, we do. The place is an amazing example of focus, efficiency, teamwork and the benefits of systematizing. We recently went to the one in Santa Barbara to pay homage (and to […]Read More

Be Like “Twinkie”; 9,000 Employees to 1,000; Efficiency

I used to love to buy my kids Deep Fried Twinkies at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, so you can imagine my sadness when they stopped making Twinkies in 2012 (b/c I could no longer poison my kids :)) I just read in Forbes, however, that Twinkies are back. And this is what is interesting: They […]Read More