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Rates 1/2 Percent HIGHER Than On Monday; Early Pay-Off Penalties

Mortgage Interest Rates remain a full 1/2% higher than where they were on Monday, and 5/8% higher than where they were last week. So, while the 10-Year Treasury Bond (government debt) remains in record-low territory, mortgage rates are up considerably as the industry tries to stem excess volume. EARLY PAY-OFF PENALTIES – HOLDING ON TO […]Read More

Markets Closed; Veteran’s Day; Brutal Early Pay Off Penalties

We are repeating a blog from May b/c we continue to incur so many Early Pay Off penalties, and b/c a Realtor asked about them yesterday. … a borrower informed us that she intended to pay off her mortgage soon after we close b/c she was expecting a windfall from the sale of another property. The […]Read More