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Homeowner’s Insurance Is Delaying Escrows; Watch For Hidden Points!

I have blogged a few times now about California’s Homeowner’s Insurance Debacle. TLDR: A lot of insurers exited the CA market, and it is now much more difficult to find […]Read More

“You Have All The Documents, Now Fund The Loan!” Closing Process Misconceptions

We had a particularly tough transaction in July when a final records check found a foreclosure (not on the credit report) that had only been seasoned for 6.5 years instead […]Read More

Interest Rates/Mortgage Industry Update; When NOT to File Taxes

Interest rates have come back down but they are still about 1/4% to 3/8% higher than where they were when they bottomed out on March 9th. This is because the […]Read More

Appraisal Relief’s Here, But Limited; Purchase Appraisals Going Well; Interest Rate Updates

Fannie and Freddie released “Appraisal Relief” guidelines yesterday that consisted primarily of waiving interior inspection requirements. They agreed to accept “exterior inspection” and/or “desktop appraisals” in lieu of full, traditional […]Read More

Stocks Down; Rates Up; DELAYS Caused by Coronavirus and Refi Boom

NORMALLY – WHEN STOCKS FALL, RATES FALL (BUT NOT THIS WEEK) The Dow Jones stock market index peaked at 29,551 only 1 month ago (on Feb 12th). As I type […]Read More