Understanding Your Debt-To-Income (DTI) Ratio in Dallas

Dallas borrowers often have questions about how much income they need to purchase a house or condo. Lenders use a debt-to-income (DTI) ratio to determine how much income a borrower needs to fund their purchase or qualify for financing. Most lenders in Dallas, Texas, recommend that borrowers stay within a 45% – 50% DTI limit. […]Read More

Will Student Loans Impact a Pre-Approval in Dallas?

The national student loan debt has now surpassed $1.6 trillion and comprises 42% of all consumer debt. Millennials have most of the student debt, which has increased by 130% since 2008. Graduates in Dallas, Texas on average finish school with $24,000 in student loan debt. Buyers Are Afraid Of Their Debt With all these outstanding […]Read More

Four Steps to Prepare for Closing Day in Dallas, Texas

Closing day is the last step for Dallas homebuyers in their loan process. All their paperwork gets finalized and the deed of the Dallas property is officially transferred to the new owner. Here are four steps to help Texas homebuyers have an easy closing day! 1. Start saving! One of the best ways Dallas homebuyers […]Read More