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Appraisal Comes In Higher Than Contract Price? Correlate to Contract; Red Flags

We remind readers often that no matter how high a purchase appraisal comes in over contract price, lenders always have to correlate to the price on the contract for financing purposes. If a purchase contract indicates the price is $500,000 and the borrower is putting down $100,000 (20%), the loan to value ratio will remain […]Read More

Lenders ALWAYS Correlate to Lower of Contract Price or Appraisal

One of our borrowers has been in contract to purchase new construction in Oakland for almost 9 months. His plan was to put down 10%. Now that the property is ready, however, the property could easily be appraised for $100,000 over the contract price. The buyer and his agent were ecstatic b/c he now has […]Read More