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Wells Fargo Is Exiting Mortgage Lending & Why It Matters; Hate & Love for WFB

Embessler Stole $300,000 From Me And Heejin In 2011, Heejin and I caught our bookkeeper embezzling money from us. It was over $200,000 we knew for sure, but we never figured out the exact amount because of … Wells Fargo. As soon as we got suspicious of our bookkeeper, we went to Wells Fargo and […]Read More

Power Struggle at the CFPB; What It Means For Lenders, Realtors, Borrowers

There was a fascinating power struggle at the CFPB this week. The departing director, Richard Cordray, named his deputy, Leandra English, to be his successor (or acting director until Cordray’s term ends next year). President Trump named his own acting director in Mick Mulvaney. We then had two people claiming to head the CFPB – […]Read More