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Cash Out Now Before It Is Too Late!

I blogged last week about the importance of liquidity, and as a result we received several inquiries in regard to cash out mortgages (even though that was not the intent of the blog). One of the inquiries was from a real estate agent who wants to make sure she is liquid enough to snap up […]Read More

$5.4 Trillion of Home Equity; How To Tap It? HELOC or Cash Out Mortgage?

CONFORMING AND FHA LOAN LIMITS This is a reminder that Conforming and FHA Loan Limits are up for 2018.             $5.4 TRILLION OF HOME EQUITY A recent article in The National Mortgage News reported that there was $5.4 trillion in home equity in the U.S. in 2017. $3 Trillion of […]Read More

Mortgage Funds are “Seasoned Funds”

This is a reminder that funds from an equity line or from a “cash out” mortgage are considered to be a borrower’s own “seasoned funds.” Such funds do not have to sit in a bank account to season at all. Hence, investors, who must use seasoned funds to buy a property,* can access an equity […]Read More