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CA’s Dream For All (Down Payment Assistance) Program Is Here For 2024, But…

CalHFA officially announced the re-introduction of its extremely popular Dream For All Program! And … it is not quite as exciting this time around. As a quick reminder – this is probably the most generous down payment assistance program we have ever seen – and that is why the CalHFA is trying to limit it to families that truly need assistance. When the program was previously launched last year, it ran out of funds in 3 weeks.Read More

CalHFA Dream For ALL Or A Select Few? (Probably a Good Thing); NAR Lawsuit Again

When CalHFA rolled out their newest (and probably most popular) down payment assistance program, the Dream For All Program, its entire $300 million allotment was gone in just 11 days. Many of us hoped that the program would return this fall, but CalHFA saw what happened during round one, and they are well aware of the potential feeding frenzy that would likely take place if the rules were not changed – so they are very astutely changing the rules. These rules are not finalized and are subject to change, but it does appear that CalHFA is trying to make sure the program is only used to benefit people who truly need assistance.Read More

Shattered Dreams! CalHFA’s Dream Program Is Out of Money ALREADY

CalHFA’s Dream For All program truly seemed like a dream, as it allowed first-time buyers to buy homes with 0% down and very favorable financing terms. It was such a “dream” in fact that we pre-approved over 100 borrowers for the program since its inception only ten days ago.Read More

The 2nd Biggest Problem in Real Estate (& It Is HUGE)

I frequently reference what I think is the biggest problem in real estate - hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of buyers sitting on the sidelines because the media are scaring the sh*t out of them with FALSE headlines about a pending real estate crash.Read More