Lessons From a Gruesome Medieval Battle

  Nicholas Hook shoved his arrow into the soldier’s eye socket and kept pushing until he felt the arrow slide through the soldier’s gelatinous brain and finally come to a rest at the back of the skull… OK – the above is an “attention-grabber” (I hope it worked 😊) that actually happened in a book […]Read More

Lessons From Teddy Roosevelt’s Near Death “River of Doubt” Exploration

I just read “The River of Doubt” about Teddy Roosevelt’s (TR’s) near death adventure on the River of Doubt in the Amazon, and I couldn’t help but pick up several great business lessons. After getting crushed in his 1912 re-election bid, TR decided to explore the River of Doubt to both forget his woes and […]Read More

Seth Godin – Awesome Lessons & Books: Contribute, Don’t Market

We are all riding a boom of low rates and great real estate demand, and business is coming easier than usual. Lots of people provide advice during boom-times, and it often works no matter what. Seth Godin was on Tim Ferriss recently, and his advice is excellent for anyone who wants to stay busy when […]Read More

Key Business Books That Changed Our Perspective/Way of Business

My two sons relentlessly make fun of business books – “for every book that says ‘always do A,’ there are two other books that say the opposite.” My kids also point out how books often illuminate what works for one person without mentioning how the same techniques might not have worked for others. And, they think it is comical that […]Read More

Rolling Stones Business Lessons – Re-invent Yourself; After 2008?

There was an excellent article in the WSJ Saturday with business lessons from the Rolling Stones. Choose the right name: The Stones used to be called “Little Boy Blue and the Blue Boys.” Enough said. Know what the market wants from you: The Stones didn’t try to compete with the Beatles, but instead tapped […]Read More

Arrogant Billionaire vs. Super Nice Guy Millionaire

Travis Kalanick is the Uber founder who is worth about $6 billion. He fascinates us b/c he appears to be extremely arrogant and he seems to pick fights with most everyone – competitors, regulators (big mistake), and fellow investors. He gets away with it b/c of his extreme wealth and power, but I often wonder […]Read More