Why We’re Seeing Fraud Claims Now & Will See A Lot More

I knew and worked with a bunch of hard money lenders (who loaned money based strictly on equity) prior to the 2008 meltdown. Even though they were a bit cocky with their success and they lived like rockstars, they were all nice and honest guys for the most part. They solicited pools of funds from friends, family members, and outside investors – and then loaned out that money to homeowners and homebuyers who could not qualify for better financing.Read More

Watching A Company Implode; Ego, Hubris, INABILITY TO LISTEN OR ADJUST

“As if things couldn’t get more ridiculous at the online mortgage lender Better Mortgage, where 900 people were laid off over a Zoom call this past December, the company reportedly issued another wave of layoffs by inadvertently notifying employees via its payroll app.” This is a quote from The Verge in an article posted yesterday. […]Read More

For Better or Worse; When Better’s Not Better (It’s All About Training)

My wife Heejin loves to tell people that she and I would have never been hired by our own company because we don’t come close to meeting the hiring standards. Those standards include stellar academic skills. This is because as soon as we hire someone, we subject them to our “firehose training program” which consists […]Read More