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Why Apple’s New Bank Will Increase Mortgage Rates; Will Apple Do Mortgages Too?

Apple just launched a high-yield savings account, offering 4.15%, and $60 billion in deposits drained from three major U.S. banking institutions yesterday alone, per this tweet. There has been a […]Read More

Companies Boom When They Eliminate FRICTION; We All Need To

This excellent quote is from our favorite blogger/commentator/NYU Professor, Scott Galloway. “Apple and Uber created more shareholder value (since ’08) than any public/private firm(s) The key to their success was […]Read More

Apple Employees Aren’t JVM Employees; One Size Doesn’t Fit All

When we first started to grow our business, we’d take in enormous amounts of outside business advice from every source and try to apply it to JVM. It was only […]Read More