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Market Shockingly Hot; Fast Closes Are A Thing Again; Out Of State Lender Horror Story

Horror Story of the Month A buyer came to us recently after making offers for over two months and losing out on every one. He was using an out-of-state lender […]Read More

The Need For Speed; 14-Day Closes; Appraisals Remain The Problem

14-DAY CLOSES ARE BACK! We are bringing our 14 Day Closes back in full force now, but with certain caveats. We cannot close the following transactions in 14 days: (1) […]Read More

14 Day Close Only For Conforming & FHA; VA Loans Explained

VA financing is often the best option for any veteran, even if they have purchased a home previously if they have a large down payment, and/or if their loan exceeds conforming loan limits.Read More

JVM’s “Fast 14” Returns! 14 Calendar-Day Close: Why And How?

We are bringing back our 14-Day Closes! And yes, that is Calendar Days and NOT Business Days. And yes, this is from the day the contract is signed to the […]Read More

FHA Better than 80/10/10 Conventional in Tight Market

We can close almost any purchase transaction in 14 days, using our uber-systematic, assembly-line process. One major exception is 80/10/10 loans with 10% down and a 1st and 2nd mortgage. […]Read More

14 Day Close/Talking to Listing Agent = Same as Cash

We have had numerous borrowers in multiple offer situations get their offers accepted in recent days for three reasons: (1) we offer rock solid 14 day closings, if necessary; (2) […]Read More