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Rates Hit New Record Highs; China’s Demise Part II – What To Do?

The Ten Year Treasury Yield hit its highest level since 2007! Here are some of the reasons: Waiting On The Fed. Bond prices fell and yields/rates rose, as investors are anxiously waiting […]Read More

10 Year Treasury Yields Vs. Mortgage Rates (Great Info & Good News!)

When borrowers used to ask us the best way to track the direction of mortgage rates, we would tell them to track the 10 Year Treasury Yield because mortgage rates track 10 Year relatively closely. The problem though is that the spread between the 10 Year Treasury Yield and mortgage rates has grown much larger since the Fed started to raise interest rates last year, and they have not been moving in lockstep over the last year.Read More

The Fed Does NOT Control Interest Rates! Follow the Data Guys!

  The Fed raised “rates” last year at the fastest pace in history! There were 7 “rate” increases in total: 0.25% in March 0.50% in May 0.75% in June 0.75% […]Read More

There Is No “One Rate” or “A Rate”

I have been hearing news reporters and commentators say: “…the Fed raised ‘the rate,’” over and over, as if there is a single interest that the Fed has the power […]Read More

Why Borrowers Should Not Pay Points to Buy Down Interest Rates

This is a topic I touch on or repeat at least once per year b/c borrowers continue to ask us if they “should buy down their rate,” and our answer […]Read More

Rates Edge Higher Again; Normality? Will Rates Fall Further?

Mortgage interest rates edged higher again today, and the 10 Year Treasury is at its highest level since late March. Rates edged higher largely in response to a stronger than […]Read More