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Success = Experimentation

Success = Experimentation“Today’s most successful companies, the ones that are “crushing it,” started as a series of crazy ideas, followed by experiments to test just how viable those ideas might be.”

The above quote is from Peter Diamondis – famous author, futurist and optimist. Here is his excellent blog about it: http://www.diamandis.com/blog/success-experimentation

Realtors and loan officers come to us all the time and say they want to “take it to the next level…” But they then continue trying the same things over and over, when they actually need to experiment with entirely new approaches.

The key is to constantly try new things to see what works, and what doesn’t.

JVM Lending is just one huge “experiment,” as everything we do is contrary to industry norms.

Our “no loan officer model,” fast closings, rush appraisals, weekend availability, 60 minute response times, JVM Team email, company-wide bonus system, and unique recruiting system all started out as “experiments.” None of them went well at first, but now we couldn’t survive without them.

The above comments are an excellent reminder to try new things quickly and often, and then assess and continue them, or get out. We did, and we do, and we are better for it.

Caveat: Be careful not to get caught up with “shiny objects,” or experiments that require too much focus that detract from your core business. This happened to us several years ago with CRMs, co-marketing, and hiring outsiders, among other things.

Jay Voorhees
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