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Speed To Lead; 24/7 Availability; Cancun Too

Heejin and I were in Cancun last week chaperoning 30 high school seniors, and I learned three things: (1) I am a bad chaperone; (2) I will never chaperone again; and – this is the best thing – (3) there are saltwater crocodiles in the area that occasionally run out and grab unsuspecting golfers (they keep this quiet).

We once had a business coach who insisted that we “train” our clients to only expect calls during a brief period each day during business hours. His advice is nonsense we think b/c people don’t buy real estate during business hours.

Our business took off when we committed to 24/7 availability, and “speed to lead” (prompt responses are essential!).

I watched Sean (from our office) email Realtors at 10 PM last night, and it reminded me of the above message. It is also reminded me of how important it is to have trained associates who can cover for you so your life is not consumed by 24/7 availability.

Jay Voorhees
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