A real estate agent shows her clients a real estate investment property in California during a house tour.

Many people should consider a real estate investment in California. Real estate is considered a hard asset, and as a result, it makes an excellent inflation hedge. In healthy housing markets, real estate tends to appreciate in value. In markets like the Bay Area, real estate value can often skyrocket in appraised value.


One of the most straightforward ways to begin investing in real estate is to purchase the property outright. Owners can “hack the housing market” by renting the property out to tenants to generate additional income, which will allow them acquire additional real estate investments in California.

Multi-unit properties are extremely popular in the Bay Area and can generate a great deal of rental income. The rental income owners receive from the other units can help them qualify for higher purchase prices if they continue to buy more real estate.


Over the past few months, interest rates have been at historical lows. Rates have been trending down, but they have dropped even lower due to coronavirus concerns. JVM Lending has been seeing rates trend down for conventional 30-year fixed loans, making home buying more affordable for many buyers in California.

JVM Lending is seeing conventional low balance loans at rates in the low 3% range. Despite this current pandemic, buyers can purchase an $850,000 property in Oakland at a rate of 3.375% at no points. Lower rates can reduce a homebuyer’s mortgage by the thousands, making monthly payments easier for a household to manage.

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