Heejin and her daughter used to watch Romantic Comedies over and over. It was their bonding time.

When they “forced” me to watch with them, I was shocked by the fact that every “romcom” had the exact same plot: Girl meets an obnoxious boy. Girl thinks she hates boy but really loves him (her crazy sidekick knows it all along). Girl and boy fall in love. Girl and boy get in a big fight and boy leaves … forever (so we are supposed to think). But, girl and boy find each other again by accident, and re-fall in love (boy watching romcom pukes :).

Warning to men: Don’t let women force you to watch romcoms!

In any case, Heejin has now replaced her romcom time with Podcasts, and the transformation has been amazing. Instead of discussing how dreamy Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper are (and they really are), we discuss Metal toxicity (Health Bridge); Wine and whiskey tasting (Tim Ferriss); Bitcoin Technology (Econ Talk); Netflix’s brutal work environment (Planet Money); Gut Biomes (Bullet Proof Executive); and Growing JVM by 10x (10x Talk).

Life is so good b/c Heejin is turning into me. :)

Long story short: Podcasts are free, fascinating and great. Everyone should subscribe.

Here are a couple WSJ articles about great podcasts:


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