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Inflation Here; Buy Real Estate as Hedge, Investment, for Cash Flow

Inflation is clearly rearing its ugly head, as indicated by surging commodity prices. This is what pushed rates up yesterday, and this is a huge reason why we think Real Estate is a fantastic investment right now.

Why to Invest in Real Estate:

1. Real Estate is a hard asset and an excellent inflation hedge;

2. Real Estate is currently in a major cyclical trough, always the best time to buy an asset even if you cannot time the bottom exactly;

3. Real Estate Financing is extraordinarily cheap from a historical perspective;

4. A Real Estate Investment will “cash flow” wonderfully well in most cases, especially multiple units.

Further, John Paulsen’s Hedge Fund, the most successful hedge fund in history, is placing huge bets on real estate right now. This is tremendous support for our contention that real estate is truly a great investment. Here is a link to an article about Mr. Paulsen’s investments. http://www.marketwatch.com/story/new-paulson-fund-seeks-dollars-in-the-desert-2011-01-27?dist=afterbell

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