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Pinot Noir Blind Taste Test; Tequila and Vodka Too

Photo of Pinot Noir wine on a kitchen table outsideWe have a lot of contests in our office, and fortunately many involve alcohol :).

Most recently we had a contest for the best Pinot Noir under $30, and we thought we’d share the results.

Walt Blue Jay was the clear winner with 5 votes! Further results below:

WINNER: Walt Blue Jay – $30.00
2 Votes: Estancia – $15
2 Votes: Dairyman Belle Glos – $50
2 Votes: Fut de Chene – $9 (from France)
2 Votes: La Crema – $20
1 Vote: Failla – $30
1 Vote: Twelve Clowns – $25
No Vote: Meiomi – $20
No Vote: Au Bon Climat – $24
No Vote: Fort Ross – $25

We had a Tequila taste test a while back, and figured we’d share those results again today:

1st Place: Gran Centenario Reposado ($25 at BevMo)
2nd Place: Patron Silver ($39 at BevMo)
3rd Place: Sauza Tequila Blanco ($10 at BevMo)
4th Place: Costco Silver Tequila Blue Agave ($20 at Costco)
5th Place: Peligroso Anejo ($37 at BevMo)

We had a Vodka blind taste test a few years ago, and nobody could tell one from the other – so we probably won’t share those results. :)

Photo Courtesy of One Upped Mag 

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