Computer pen Yesterday, we introduced Nikko’s Sales Blog, and we of course received a lot of great feedback.

    So, here is Part II of Nikko’s Four Part series on Optimizing Facebook for Business.


    Welcome back!

    This is the second installation of this blog series.

    In case you missed Part One of this four-part series, I highly recommend reading it before jumping into this one.

    Part One covers Guy’s basic rules to getting started on Facebook:

    1. Screen name
    2. Scanability
    3. Avatar/Profile Pic
    4. Mantra
    5. Tell Your Story
    6. Completeness

    It’s a great place to start. You will definitely like that blog and it is a fast, easy read. :)

    Again, these tips are from The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users by Guy Kawasaki… Onward.

    Now we will cover posting content. Time to dive in.

    Feeding The Content Monster

    The Content Monster = important concept.

    Think of it like this. The Content Monster is your best friend. But it is permanently hungry and is extremely picky.

    Content Monster is either getting healthier or sicker based on what you feed it. It thrives off good content your followers engage with and becomes ill with poor content your followers don’t get any value from. The content monster lives or dies off two categories of content.

    Content Types

    Content creation – Come up with and write your own posts. Creating content is time-consuming and requires a fair amount of creativity and lots of consistency. For these reasons it’s not highly recommended.

    Content curation – Find other people’s content and share it with your followers. Curating content is much easier and quicker, especially to do consistently. Doing a good job you will learn new things, drive traffic to your site and deliver valuable content to your followers.

    Pro Tip: Don’t just share the link and leave it. Do this instead:

    Give an extremely brief summary and/or analysis of the article with it. Your followers will appreciate it. You are saving them the time and trouble of having to read the article. Do a good job summarizing or analyzing and your followers will be interested and click on the article to read it more.

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