#1 Trait Super Successful People Share


In the late 1970s, when I was in high school, I was hitchhiking on Tatum Boulevard in Phoenix, AZ b/c… I had just totaled my car and b/c people still actually hitchhiked then.

Anyway, a brand-new Toyota Supra stopped to pick me up.

The driver was extremely friendly, and he introduced himself as Al Fann – a name I recognized as the owner of several major car dealerships in the area.

After I climbed into the front seat, he immediately began to sell me a Supra – despite the fact that I was only 16 and penniless.

I of course did not buy a Supra then, but I was both duly impressed and flattered – and I went on to buy six Toyota-manufactured vehicles later on – probably as a result of Mr. Fann’s efforts.


Back in my loan officer days, my office was next to an extremely successful RE/MAX agent (who owned the building).

And every time I brought anyone by – no matter their age, position, or situation in life – he would engage them in a very friendly manner and invariably say: “You should buy a house.”

I used to cringe on occasion…until I noticed how often the practice turned into business.

His manner of engaging everyone, no matter their lot in life, flattered them and turned most of them into either eventual customers or referral sources.


A Compass agent signed me up for Leonard Steinberg’s excellent morning blog/email that he publishes seven days a week.

I absolutely love it b/c it is always chock full of interesting factoids and it is so well-balanced.

I was always under the impression that Leonard was just a nice guy that the Compass people found to curate content.

Thinking this, I would email Leonard from time to time, commenting on his content, and I would always receive a thoughtful and friendly response – even though Leonard obviously has no clue who I am, as I am not only not a Compass agent, I am not even an agent at all and I was working 3,000 miles from Leonard.

Recently, I was listening to this “How I Built This Podcast” with Compass founder, Robert Reffkin, and I finally found out who Leonard was (turns out I was the one who had no clue 😊).

I learned that Leonard is one of the country’s most successful “mega agents” working out of New York; he was Compass’ President and is now Compass’ “Chief Evangelist;” and he was the hire that quite literally put Compass on the map.

And I thought, wow – this guy is that busy and that prominent, but never too busy to respond to emails from a lender in California.

Then I thought – no wonder he is so successful! I need to blog about this…


I meet arrogant “rock star” loan officers and real estate agents all the time.

And – while some of them are very successful, very few of them hit the extreme level of success the people I discuss above hit.

And – the reason seems obvious to me. Nice people, willing to engage everyone, finish first.

Final Point: When JVM has clients relocating to NYC, you can bet that we will refer them to Leonard’s team.

Jay Voorhees
Founder/Broker | JVM Lending
(855) 855-4491 | DRE# 1197176, NMLS# 310167

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