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Not Dropping Balls – Need Teams, Cross Training, Academic People

Heejin lectured me Monday about coming across as “too righteous” in the Daily Comments :).** But, sometimes I can’t help it when we get emails like this one we received from a Realtor today: I can’t tell you how frustrating it can be when the ball is dropped, over and over (by other lenders). Your team never lets me down! I have so much respect for your company for this reason.

**Caveat (for Heejin). We do make mistakes, and we are not perfect (yet :), but we strive extremely hard to continually patch every hole in our system, and we love frank feedback so we can fix issues.

We drop so few balls b/c we have an extensive team of both Mortgage Analysts and Processors, all fully licensed, trained, and cross-trained so they can cover for each other. They all get each other’s emails too, to ensure responses are always prompt and concrete.

This is our secret sauce when it comes to service. And it is what allows us to maintain service levels no matter how busy we get.

Individual loan officers and even those with small teams simply get overwhelmed when volume ramps up. You need an awesome, super-trained, smart team.

Our other secret? We hire very academic people who know how to organize and manage large volumes of tasks and information.

Sorry Heejin – we really are good at what we do. :)

Jay Voorhees
Founder/Broker | JVM Lending
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