Non-Conforming Property; Need Zoning OK & Burn Letter We often get asked about “non-conforming” properties, such as residential properties in areas that are zoned commercial, or multiple units on one lot with ambiguous zoning.

Lending Against Non-Conforming Properties

Residential lenders will not lend against properties that have commercial use. They will, however, lend against non-conforming properties (properties that are not typical for the area), as long as:

  1. The appraiser can find comps and does not comment about adverse marketability issues;
  2. We can get a letter from the zoning authority (city or county) that says the residential use is allowed; and
  3. We can get a “burn letter” or a letter from the zoning authority that states that the property can be rebuilt in its current use. This is often an issue. Current non-conforming uses are often allowed or “grandfathered” in, but such uses often cannot be reconstructed if a fire destroys the property. Lenders will not lend unless they know their collateral can be rebuilt if a fire (or another disaster) occurs.


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