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Non-Citizens Can Get FHA/Conv. Financing; VISAs are OK

Borrowers living in the U.S. do not need to be U.S. Citizens to get FHA and Conventional Financing. Visas of a variety of types are acceptable. The most common acceptable Visas are those in the H-series (H1b, etc.). “B,” “L,” “G,” and “O” series Visas are also acceptable.

Non-citizens with “Green Cards” or “permanent residency” are also eligible for financing.

Lenders evaluate the same underwriting criteria for non-citizens as they do for citizens. Lenders focus heavily, however, on the likelihood of future employment, and on future Visa or residency extensions.

Lenders used to insist on proof of 2 to 3 years of “Visa Continuance,” but they will now accept as little as 6 months of “continuance” depending on circumstances (strong VOE and employer support, for example; or green card application process almost complete).

Jay Voorhees
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