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No Mas Grammar Police!! Yes To Email Etiquette Though

The WSJ had a great article on Sunday about the need to eliminate grammar snobbery from our communication. The article hit home b/c I used to be a grammar snob – until Sunday.

The point of the article was this: a few split infinitives and dangling prepositions are OK as long people know what you are talking about (dangled preposition on purpose even though it was painful).

Here is the link to the article:

While grammar snobbery is apparently not OK, Email Etiquette is still extremely important for clarity and tone. Here are three Email Rules we strictly enforce:

1. Clear Subject Lines That Define the Email;
2. SHORT – short sentences; short paragraphs; short emails.
3. A friendly salutation, instead of just a name (it softens tone), i.e. Hi Jay…

An email with an unrelated subject line, no salutation, and one long run-on paragraph can be a confusing time-suck and painful to receive.

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