No other mortgage bank anywhere can make that claim.

We are now offering $1 Million JUMBO Loans at 4.25%* at NO POINTS! (No mortgage bank that I know of can make that claim either.)

But, JVM can make both of these claims because we have aligned multiple new investors.

Here are just some of the exciting updates we’re rolling out now:

  1. We now have delegated underwriting authority, meaning we can underwrite these loans in house and close them all in under 21 days!
  2. We have some of the lowest rates around now. In the rate comparison tables below, you can see that we match or beat the “big banks” and we literally CRUSH all the mortgage banks.
  3. WE WANT YOUR JUMBO LOANS! We now offer very low Jumbo rates AND the best Jumbo service in the industry!

How is JVM able to deliver what no other mortgage bank can?

First – our service levels have been established by an airtight system that has been polished to perfection over the last ten years.

And second – we were able to negotiate investor relationships that no other mortgage lender can b/c of our of extraordinary file quality, follow-through, pull-through, training standards, professionalism, and overall reputation.

Today is the start of the NEW and improved JVM – delivering the same outstanding service levels but now paired with some of the very best rates available.

The rate tables below show exactly where we are sitting among our competitors:


$1,000,000 Loan | 25% Down | 780 FICO
JVM Lending4.375%*No Points
Wells Fargo4.375%*No Points
Bank of America4.375%*0.975
Citi Mortgage4.375%*1.25


$400,000 Loan | 3.5% Down | 740 FICO
JVM Lending4.50%*1.175
Wells Fargo4.875%*0.25
Bank of AmericaN/A**N/A
US Bank4.625%*0.862


$400,000 Loan | 20% Down | 780 FICO
JVM Lending4.50%*0.175
Wells Fargo4.625%*0.125
Bank of America4.50%*0.71
Citi Mortgage4.75%*0.875


Jay Voorhees
Founder/Broker | JVM Lending
(925) 855-4491 | DRE# 01524255, NMLS# 335646

*Rates quoted as of 08/02/2018. The above rates were quote based on the following assumptions. Conventional: $400,000 low-balance loan, $600,000 high-balance loan, 80% LTV for both, 780 FICO. FHA: $400,000 loan, 96.5% LTV, 740 FICO. Jumbo: $1mm loan amount, 75% LTV, 780 FICO. For all products: 45 – 60 days locked, SFR, Purchase, Alameda CO, O/O. All rate quotes were collected using public pricing tools for each company.
**Rates for FHA purchasing scenarios were not available online from these banks.

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