Multiple Credit Inquiries; New Home Checklist; Doormat Borrowers often come to us from other lenders and are overly concerned about credit inquires.

    Two reminders: (1) Multiple inquiries from mortgage lenders within a 30 day period only count as one inquiry; and (2) for borrowers with good credit, inquiries only have a very marginal effect on a credit score even if they are outside the 30 day period.

    Also – a friend of ours built a handy little website with a checklist of everything a new homebuyer might need – New Home Checklist

    We noticed the list included a doormat too, but JVM borrowers don’t need to buy a doormat. We send a beautiful Restoration Hardware Doormat to every one of our homebuyers as a final act of service and a show of our appreciation.

    Borrowers love getting them, and we love giving them.

    Jay Voorhees
    Founder/Broker | JVM Lending
    (855) 855-4491 | DRE# 01524255, NMLS# 310167

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