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Most Repeated Tip From Top Achievers on Podcasts?

Heejin and I have been podcast junkies for years now, listening to dozens every week in every genre. One of the tips from top achievers we hear repeated most often is the need for some sort of meditation.

The reason is that the many benefits of meditation have now been scientifically proven, so they have left the realm of “woo woo” and entered the realm of science. This is largely why meditation is now embraced so often among the Silicon Valley crowd.

In any case, this was all brought home in a recent podcast by Tim Ferriss that summarized the many benefits of meditation and included excerpts from a variety of his former guests: Tim Ferriss’ Podcast About Meditation

The benefits include more focus, more relaxation, less reactivity, better sleep, lower cortisol levels and “10% more happiness” (I stole that from an excellent book we read about meditation called “10% Happier” ).

Anyway, we highly recommend the podcast, and a bit of meditation.

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