Minimum Credit Score Requirements For VA Loans

If you are wondering what the minimum credit score requirements for VA loans in 2022 are, here is everything you need to know.

VA loans are one of the most utilized benefits provided to America’s eligible active-duty and returning service members. The VA government loan program is designed to help veterans and their spouses achieve homeownership.

The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) guarantees these loans, providing a high level of security to investors purchasing these loans on the secondary market. This allows for added flexibility with loan terms such as a minimum 0% down payment, lenient credit score requirements, and income flexibility.

What Is The Minimum Credit Score Needed For A VA Loan?

The answer is a bit tricky when asking what the required minimum credit score for a VA loan is.

The VA, which issues a guarantee on loans that meets its standards, does not set a minimum credit score requirement.

However, this does not mean that all borrowers with poor credit history can qualify for a VA loan. Since your mortgage lender will be the issuer of the VA loan, they will often set their own minimum credit score requirements.

When applying for a VA loan, lenders can set their own qualifying credit score minimum depending on their overall risk tolerance. For most lenders, this can range from about 580 on the lower end to 640 on the higher end.

JVM Lending requires a minimum 580 FICO score for VA loans.

There are also no set loan limits with VA loans. This means you can purchase far above the conforming loan limit with 0% down if your credit score lands above your lender’s minimum requirement.

Can You Get A VA Home Loan With Bad Credit?

Veterans with a poor credit history can still qualify for VA loans. Although, a higher credit score will generally lead you to the best possible VA loan rates.

Borrowers with scores of 740 or higher can expect to have the most competitive rate options. Those with scores near the minimum requirement can expect higher rates. You can always buy a home with lower credit scores and look to refinance into another VA loan when credit scores improve as well.

JVM monitors refinance opportunities for all past clients. However, we recommend reaching out to talk with one of our refinance specialists if you believe your credit can help improve your monthly payment.

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Can You Get A VA Loan If You Filed For Bankruptcy?

Veterans with prior derogatory credit events, such as a bankruptcy, are still eligible for VA financing typically after a two-year waiting period. After you rebuild your credit, you will need to provide documentation from a chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Regardless, VA loans are still by far the most lenient loan option for past bankruptcies.

Best VA Loan Rates

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You must meet the VA qualification requirements to obtain a VA loan. While a VA loan is typically the best option for most veterans, there is no one-size-fits-all VA mortgage financing.

The best way to determine whether a VA loan makes the most sense for you is to talk to one of our mortgage experts at JVM Lending.

Our experts can walk you through monthly payment scenarios, discuss rates, and answer any other questions you might have. With JVM’s VA loans experience, sellers have confidence in our pre-underwritten pre-approvals and veterans make competitive, winning offers.

Do VA Loans Have Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)?

In addition to lenient credit score requirements, another benefit to VA loans to keep in mind is that private mortgage insurance is not attached to the loan. Although, there is an upfront fee similar to the mortgage insurance premium on conventional mortgages.

For VA financing, borrowers will pay a funding fee, which is a certain percentage of the loan amount based on the down payment and any prior VA loan use.

Most clients opt to finance the funding fee into the loan amount rather than pay for it in a lump sum. This increases the monthly payment. However, you can save money if you refinance out of the loan product or sell in the near future.

Veterans who receive VA disability payments are exempt from the funding fee regardless of the number of VA loans they have received.

Certificate Of Eligibility For VA Loans

Aside from your credit score, lenders will also ask for a Certificate of Eligibility from you when applying for a VA home loan.

A Certificate of Eligibility is awarded to eligible active-duty military members and veterans. You can obtain this document directly from the VA or your lender can access/order the certificate from the VA’s website.

Below are the main details lenders need from the Certificate of Eligibility:

If the certificate has not yet been created, you or your lender can create an order on the VA’s website using your personal information and relevant information found on a DD-214.

If you have previously used your entitlement and then sold your property, refinanced into a different program, or paid off your loan, you can apply for a restoration of entitlement. This is also done through the VA’s website.

Some evidence of your prior loan being closed is all that may be needed.

Bottom Line: No VA Minimum Credit Score, Lenders Set Their Own Limits

Although there are technically no minimum credit score requirements for LA loans, you must adhere to your lender’s own requirements if you wish to pursue VA financing.

At JVM, the minimum qualifying score is 580, but other lenders may have higher minimums.

You may qualify for an improved interest rate with higher credit scores. However, VA loans are highly forgiving loans for borrowers with prior credit issues.

With flexible requirements and 0% minimum down payments, VA loans are a great opportunity if you are a veteran looking to achieve homeownership as soon as possible.

Ready to take the next step toward receiving your VA loan? Getting pre-approved is the first step to determining what your options are. We can get started on your pre-approval today! You can also give us a call at (855) 855-4491.

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