Person writing out a to-do list to help manage their time. I was at a coaching seminar recently listening to a time management guru. Her best piece of advice was something I have been practicing for years – she called it Mind Sweeping.

Mind Sweeping is the practice of writing down everything that you have to do or are thinking about doing – personal, business, complex, simple, short term, long term, etc. Do not worry about organizing anything you write.

Just write down everything – and the act of doing so is hugely stress relieving b/c it frees up all of your brain’s “RAM” (Random Access Memory) for creative and productive thinking.

I have been doing this for years, and can attest to its effectiveness. The “guru” recommends doing it daily, while I only really do it once a week. Either way – it works.

Here is an excellent technique for managing all of your tasks once they’re written down. It is called the “Eisenhower Box Technique” (named after the famously productive General and President).

The “Box Technique” involves putting all of your tasks in one of four quadrants.

1. Important – Urgent = Do it now

2. Important – Not Urgent = Decide when to do it

3. Urgent – Not Important = Delegate it

4. Not Urgent – Not Important = Delete it

Here is a short (and good) blog with more details about this great technique.

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